• Bicycles
  • Kayaks
  • SUP boards (StandUpPaddle)
  • Bed linen packages with towel
  • Luxury boxes with nice kitchen items, etc.
  • Toilet cassettes (for rental cars)


If you are looking for a safe and cozy accommodation at Sejerøbugten, you can rent one of our six cabins, close to the Service building. In the five of them, the sleeping area is seperated from the living area by a sliding door. The dining area is located in an open-plan kitchen with basic service, there are two electric hotplates and a fridge. 

There are good mattresses, duvets and pillows. There is no water. There are blackout curtains and neat linoleum flooring.

Rental caravans

The three rental cars are located next to each other, right next to the water, and very close to the bathing bridge. All the wagons have a double bed and a three-or two-man bunk. You can make the seating and the table into two extra sleeping places. There are blankets and pillows for four people. 

The dining area is located in an open kitchen with gas rings and a sink. There are fully equipped awnings, with refrigerator. Guests need to pour water on by arrival. Toilet can be used by paying DKK 50 as well as DKK 200 in deposit and getting the cartridge down into the cart. When the cartridge is delivered cleaned, the deposit is returned.

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