Cosy wodden cabins
Luxury shelter
Rental caravans by the water
Rental caravans in the park

Cabins for up to six persons

Are you looking for an easy and safe accommodation in Odsherred? Rent one of our six cabins, close to the Service building. In five of them, the sleeping area is separated from the living area by a sliding door. The dining area is in an open kitchen with basic services, with two electric hobs, a fridge and cupboard space. There are duvets and pillows, so you´ll just need to bring linen.
There are blackout curtains and a nice linoleum floor.
In front of the cabins there is a small terrace with a table and chairs.
There is no running water and no toilet.

The cabins can be rented for no less than two days.
If additional cleaning is required, for example if you have brought a dog to the cabin, an additional fee may be charged.

Caravans for rent

Four of the rental caravans are located right next to the seaside, and very close to the jetty, which leads to the campsite’s beach.
Five other carriages are distributed among the seats; 190, 195, 196, 197, T1, T2 and T3 (T1, T2 and T3, however, only in high season).
The wagons are slightly different, and they are all fully equipped and with an awning. There are duvets and pillows, so you just need to bring linen.
There is a sink, and guests must fill the water system (which CANNOT be used for drinking water).
The toilet can be used by paying DKK 50 and getting the cassette into the carriage. The cassette is handed over emptied and cleaned at the Reception on departure.
Please note that there are detailed instructions for heating, gas, water and toilet in the carriage.
As a guest you have free access to all common facilities, including kitchen, laundry and shower without coin deposit. We recommend that you limit cooking in the carriage and use shared bathing facilities.

The carriages are rented for a minimum of two days at a time in the low season, and a minimum of one week from Saturday to Saturday in the high season.
If extra cleaning is required, for example if you have brought a dog, an extra fee may be charged.

Watch a video about caravans below.

Luxury shelter

You can rent a charming shelter here, in one of the best places. The shelter is located high, with a view of the nature park and a view of Sejerø Bay from the two-level terrace. Here you can enjoy the sunset through the trees in peace and quiet, and at the same time close to shared facilities such as kitchen, bath and toilet.
Because the Shelter is quite close to shared facilities, you can experience some noise from Gårdhaven on Friday evenings.
There is a table and chairs on the terrace. Inside there is a nice double bed with box mattresses and two fold-out mattresses. There are duvets and pillows for two people. Bed linen is inclusive, and can be picked up at the Reception. There is a primitive outdoor kitchen with a fridge, but no water.
Power and light are available, but we recommend that you do not use many power-hungry things at the same time. There are carpets both on the floor and to keep you warm at night.
The shelter is very suitable for two adults. It is possible to have children with you, but the shelter site is not so “child-friendly”.
If extra cleaning is required, for example if you have brought a dog, an extra fee may be charged.

Rules for staying in caravans, cabins and shelter

The rental units are non-smoking. Violation results in an additional fee and possibly expulsion. Smoking on the terrace is permitted.
Dogs are welcome – but NOT in the beds.

Save on electricity
Please turn off the heater when the door/window is open.
Do not use several power-hungry things at the same time  – the fuse may trip.

Quiet at the square
Sunday – Thursday at 22 o´clock.
Friday and Saturday at 23 o´clock.

Check out
The unit must be left before 12, cleaned and emptied of rubbish. If additional cleaning is required, a fee may apply.

Contact Henrik Pladsmand if you need guidance on Mobile: +45 71624819


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