About us

From 1 January 2018, Finn Kristiansen took over the operation of the site as the new camp manager. Finn, who is from Fårevejle, has worked in the construction industry as a construction manager for many years and is a trained sewer master. He has worked as a running trainer and is affiliated with Odsherred Running Club, with several marathon races behind him.

His wife, Ida Trier Dahlkild, who is from the Trier family from Vallekilde, is an assisting wife. She has done layouts in the magazine industry and self-employed graphic designer and artist with her own studio, and teaches all age groups in creative workshops. It is also Ida, who is in charge of the nature workshop and the “Pick-your-own garden”.

“We have had the desire to run a campsite for a long time, and we have camped both at home and abroad for many years, also with our young people in the family; Mathias, Mads, Clara and Sofie”. The dog Liva is also on the team, and she would like to help welcome the guests at the reception. 

A family project

The campsite is family-run. The membership of DK Camp was chosen because it was all quite new to us in the beginning, and the membership in Unesco Geopark Odsherred is natural because we feel closely connected to Odsherred’s history and landscape.

“Our dream is for the campsite to function sustainably, as a place where all age groups can find space to relax and where guests feel at home. A sanctuary where it is easy and fun to be a guest, where you can get extra good nature experiences – and maybe try something new, such as water sports or one of our activities. “

Our values

Presence: Opportunity to be together, or be alone – as the family or individual prefer.
All though we are situated close to the mainroad it is quiet and peaceful here, and the noise of everyday life is silenced in the beautiful nature. The little things suddenly become valuable; a nice chat with the neighbour, a game of table tennis in the covered patio, a bird you recognize from the day before… You might find new friends, or just enjoy the sound of voices from people having a nice time together.

Inclusiveness: There must be room for all of us, and we need to show consideration not disturbing others. There is no one who has more right to be here than others. All age-, ethnic- or income groups are treated with mutual respect.

Freedom: All the regulations here on the site are made to take care of the guests and nature. If you follow the rules of the place, and comply with Danish law, – there is plenty of freedom. When we took over the camsite, we started by removing as many prohibition signs as possible, and kept focus on what one CAN to do.

Security: We all take care of each other here, and the helpfulness among campers is enormous. The camp manager makes sure everyone can feel safe.

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