Holidays in nature

Experience Zealand’s sunshine coast

It’s so nice in Denmark! Come to the Bay of Sejerø  in Northwest Zealand, and feel the elements of nature and see the glittering light of the sun in water surfaces and on the sea floor, seabirds, hunting for hollow rocks and amber, or the dog enjoying the beach… 

The kids playing in the shallow water, you can relax, and have fun. Time for holiday with the family, and all you need within reach. It’s camping life! At Sanddobberne Camping, you literally live in the middle of nature, protected by the ”Natura 2000 Plan”, and which has been untouched for more than 50 years. Here are old oaks, fragrant pines and cows as the nearest neighbour, and for the birds the place is a paradise: a lagoon coast, they can return to. 

For events in the area, see the two links below.

Unesco Geopark Odsherred

Sanddobberne Camping is a partner in Unesco Geopark Odsherred, and we share the values on which Geoparken is based: Landscape, cultural history, art and local food. We love Odsherred, and wish to share that enthusiasm with our guests.

Visit our neighbor; Dragsholm Castle

On the other side of the road, towards woods and fields, lies Dragsholm Castle. There are tales of a ghost called ”The White Lady”, and the Earl of Bothwell has been buried here for many years, after he died in captivity in 1578. The castle is a monument of the history and cultural heritage of the area. The world famous restaurant is Michelin-awarded and a Bistro has been opened here. You may also take a walk in the park with the beautiful gardens (especially in may, where the Rhododendron forest is blooming), and the view over the Sejerø Bay.


Due to the location by the Bay of Sejerø there can sometimes be strong winds by the waterfront. Therefore Sanddobberne are appreciated by water sports practitioners, who name the spot the “Spot X”. There is a large parking lot here, which makes it easy to park in front the area, we call the Football Field. Here there is plenty of room to launch kite surfing gear.

Public toilets are open 24 hours a day in summer season. You are welcome in the campingshop, where you can buy food or beverages. If you want an overnight stay, you can rent one of our cabins or a caravans with a sea view.

A lot of local attractions


n northern Odsherred you will find Rørvig, a cozy, old port town, with lots of small shops and a good harbor environment. The ferry to Kulhuse is sailing from the port of Rørvig.

Odsherred’s Cultural History Museum

Solvognens (The solar vehicle’s) discovery site and the prehistoric ox were brought to life at Odsherred’s Cultural History Museum, located in northern Odsherred, towards Isefjord.

The art-house in Asnæs

In the middle of Odsherred lies Asnæs with a cozy shopping center and several good art museums, for example the Huset i Asnæs (The House in Asnæs).

Close to Sanddobberne

Right near the Sand Dobber you can visit Vejrhøj Vineyard in Vindekilde, Dragsholm Golf Club (with restaurant) or Vallekilde Højskole and the local ceramic potters. We have several small farm shops, eg. Hankehøj Handelshus.

Amusement park

Summerland Zealand is an amusement park (and water park) for the whole family. Right next to the railway, and has its own station.


Is a nice trade and port city. Enjoy a Paradise ice cream at the harbor or visit the new Sports Village. Or treat yourself to a Turkish bath in Sidesporet’s hamam, with a view directly toward the seaside. Strolling down Main Street and enjoying the many gables is also nice, and there are often markets and events.

Klint (Cliff )

A great experience awaits on the steam slopes at Klint. The view and beach are very exciting, and there are often Landart exhibitions in the landscape.

Glass Museum

Hempel’s Glass Museum has international exhibitions, and a glass workshop; ”Spiren” where you can try working with glass.

Odsherred Rescue Zoo

Just outside Asnæs Odsherred Rescue Zoo is welcoming the whole family.


In Havns, 5 km from here, you can feel the busi life at the harbor, and maybe take a trip with the ferries to Nekselø and / or Sejerø. On Saturday there is a market, and ”Havnsø Grillen” is definitely worth a visit - both for eating good ice cream and playing mini golf.

Ulvsborg Historical Workshop

If you are a Viking-fan, you can visit Ulvsborg Historical Workshop and try the many medieval activities. Experience the community and life of the vikings.

Ulkerup landsby

Here is a thatched exhibition room with tables and benches. The exhibition includes information and mini-buildings of what once looked like in the village. Outside the area, several of the old houses are marked, so you can get a sense of what the village looks like.

The Wild Kitchen

Det Vilde køkken (The Wild Kitchen), which is a truly unique dining place with a lovely brunch on the weekend. They also guide tours here at Sanddobberne, about edible plants in nature.

Brynshøj Put & Take

If you like fishing, try Brynshøj Put & Take a little outside Højby. Children are also welcome here, and it is possible to fish in a special lake for children. You can rent equipment on site.

Vig market

You will find market every Wednesday and Saturday, cinema, Vig Festival and the Swimming pool are newly renovated.


Visit Malergården, Sigurd Swane’s original artist’s home in Plejerup, where you can explore Malergården’s beautiful and characterful house full of pictures and landscaping, located directly by the Isefjord.

Ulkerup Skov

Go for a walk in the forest of Ulkerup, and meet the ”Ulkerup Souls”, which are sculptures created by a local artist. You will find them under the old beech trees in the middle of the forest.

Anneberg Kulturpark

Art, culture, experiences and gastronomy.
Lots of experiences for everybody in Anneberg Kulturpark, Nykøbing Zealand.

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