Peace and quiet – and “hygge”


Sanddobberne is a place where it is nice and safe to be. We don´t like loud music and noisy behavior, and we appreciate our guests respecting each other. There must be quiet in the site at 22 o´clock on weekdays / sundays, and at 23 o´clock friday and saturday.

The law must be respected here.

We also recommend limiting car driving on the campsite. The speed limit is 10 km. Watch out for playing kids.

We recommend to keep the siesta free,  so that there is quiet between 12 and 14 o´clock all days.

All indoor common areas are non-smoking, also the cabins and the caravans for rent. If you are bothered by smoke on your pitch, please ask your neighbors kindly to avoid smoking near you – or contact the management.

We appeal to use common sense and consideration.


Here you can relax and have a holiday in nature, where you can “recharge your batteries” and be inspired. Being with your loved ones or just be yourself – you decide. There is a great spaciousness here and our guests say it’s like getting home ..
We have chosen to focus on the things that are allowed in stead of what is prohibited – and it provides a pleasant atmosphere, where people can relax and be as you are.