Nearby attractions

Dragsholm Castle
Dragsholm Castle is worth a visit, with its own church, restaurant, bistro and park.

Visit our neighbour Dragsholm Castle

On the other side of the road, in front of woods and fields, lies Dragsholm Castle. Here’s the White Lady is haunting, according to the local tales!  The Earl of Bothwell has been buried here for many years following his death in prison in 1578. The castle testifies to the history and cultural heritage that the area has made.
   The castle’s museum is located on the second floor next to the castle theater and can be visited in conjunction with regular tours or a stay at the castle. The museum draws on the history of Dragsholm Castle and the castle’s references to the surrounding Odsherred and Lammefjord, which also forms the basis for the work of the castle’s applauded kitchens, known for their use of natural/organic ingredients.
The castle’s restaurant is Michelin-rewarded and a Bistro has recently opened.
   Also enjoy a stroll in the park with the beautiful gardens and ancient trees and the view beyond the Sejero Bay.
Plants and herbs from nature are used diligently in the cooking in Odsherred.

Spiselige planter
Planter og urter fra naturen bruges flittigt i madlavningen i Odsherred.

Local attracktions

There are a number of interesting places to visit in the vicinity:

In Havnsø you can enjoy harbour life, take a ferry trip to Nekselø and/or Sejerø. The Saturday  market and Havnsø Grillen are definitely worth a visit if you like ice cream and mini golf.
Nearby you can visit Vejrhøj Vineyard in Vindekilde, Dragsholm Golf Club or High School in Vallekille and local ceramicist studios.
There are Vikings and medieval objects galore at Ulvsborg Historical Workshop.
    A little north, in the middle of Odsherred you’ll find Asnæs with a cozy shopping mall and several art museums and galleries. Just outside Asnæs is Odsherred Rescue Zoo. In Vig there is a craft market every Wednesday and Saturday; and the local cinema and swimming pool are newly renovated.
Sommerland Sjælland amusement and water park for the whole family is on the doorstep when stepping off the train..
If you like fishing, try Brynshøj Put & Take a little outside of Højby, where is a “children’s lake”. Equipment is available to hire on site.

 Art, cultural history, culinary experiences

The ‘Solvognen’ (Sun Truck) is a Danish national shield – a unique bronze age relic made of bronze and gold.

In northern Odsherred you will find Rørvig, a charming old harbour town, with lots of small shops and a friendly harbour environment. From here you can catch the ferry to Kulhuse.
Experiencing the cliffs at Klint is a must. The view and the beach are spectacular, with regular art installations within the landscape. There is also the “Vilde Køkken”, which is a unique place to enjoy brunch. The restaurant offers wild edible plant education at Sanddobberne, because many meals are based on the plants and herbs from here. 

Beautiful stones at the beach
Traditional stone-balancing on the beach.

I det nordlige Odsherred finder du Rørvig, som er en hyggelig, gammel havneby, med masser af små forretninger og godt havnemiljø. Her kan du også tage færgen til Kulhuse.
På skrænterne ved Klint venter der en stor oplevelse. Udsigten og stranden er meget spændende, og der er ofte Landart-udstillinger i landskabet. Heroppe ligger også Det Vilde Køkken, som er et helt unikt spise sted med en dejlig brunch. De guider også ture ved Sanddobberne om spiselige planter i naturen.