Holiday in nature

It is special to have a holiday on Sanddobberne. The twisted pine trees, beautiful old oak and the beach fauna create an interesting atmosphere. Combined with the view beyond Sejero Bay towards Nekselø and Sejerø, it provides a unique, almost southern experience. Here you can see the shifts of the seasons and enjoy the change of nature. Of course there may also be challenges associated with living in nature and it can be a trial for modern people. We share the space with ants, whips, owls and aquarius´ ..

The approx. 2 km long coastline at Sanddobberne is a protected nature area under Natura 2000, which is a name for a network of protected natural areas in the EU. The Nature Agency has cattle walking in the summer semester. The grazing of the cattle helps to ensure the diverse nature of Sanddobberne and to prevent the area from growing. The Natura 2000 plan protects the thousands of waders that return every year to this lagoon coast. We ask you not to go left when you cross the bridge, in order to leave the birds to themselves, especially in springtime, when they nest.
We have a nature guide attached, who guides tours and organizes other events during the season.