Painting in the nature
Rent en easel and painting equipment, and work in the nature.

Focus on art and exercise – in nature

If you want to be active we offer a number of activities: Arts and Exercise. Creative workshops, open to all age groups, with instructor every week. Drawing workshop, painting in nature and visits to exhibitions are also available. Be inspired by the Odsherred painters who found motifs in the surroundings and nature, inspired by the very special light on Odsherred.

Holiday is time for connecting with yourself

It’s about physical exercise, keeping your mind and body healthy. Staying at the Sanddobes makes it easy to be physically active in a fun yet relaxing way.
   Join the caretaker’s running club, explore the area’s walking paths or go on bicycle rides. There are many amazing walks at Odsherred. The trip up over Vejrhøj, whose top is Zealand’s third highest point, offers a truly wonderful vista with free guided tours every Tuesday, where we meet up two hours before sunset and go together.
   Rent a bike or kayak at the campsite or take a dip in the sea. There are many possibilities for family focused fun activities and sports.

Running for fun and wellbeing
Exercise can be fun – join the running club.


Attractions near by