Lovely facilities

Toilets and baths

There is a large ladies’ and men’s department in the main building, with five shower cubicles in each and 8/10 toilets and a children’s toilet. In addition more sinks.
The handicap toilet (with shower, toilet, washbasin, underfloor heating) is located in the “Gårdhaven” in the main building, with a special key to be delivered at the reception.
Puslerum is also found in the main building between the activity room and the courtyard.
There are six family baths in a separate pavilion to the right of the main building. Here, each bathroom has a shower (as in all places is without coin dump), toilet, washbasin with mirror and a bench. It is easy to bath with the kids here and there is underfloor heating.
At the back of the pavilion you will find a chemistry toilet for emptying your own toilet. Here there is also a lawn mower (handhold) you can borrow.
At “Sletten” there is a service building with a kitchen, a handicap toilet, a ladies’ and men’s section with toilets (no baths) and a chemistry toilet for emptying the toilet on the back of the building.



In the main building you will find the campist kitchen with six new double power extinguisher, microwave and a small oven. And of course, washbasins.
On the backside of the main building, next to the water there is an outdoor kitchen with three sinks. In the Service Building on the “Sletten” there is an outdoor kitchen with washbasins and gas blus.


In the laundry there are two washing machines, a tumble dryer. In the washing machines you will need 4x5kr. for a 40gr wash and 6x5kr. to a 60 gr. sink. Use the selected programs – and press start! The machine on the left lasts approx. two hours and the right lasts approx. 1.5 hours. The dryer should have 4×5 kr. There is also deep sink for sink and iron.


Art studio and activityroom 

Here you can always come and fx. watch TV, play on the music keyboard or work on creative projects (you can borrow one of the easels, or book a workshop where we work with fusing glass). There is a creative workshop every Wednesday from 15-17 o´clock.
We rent paint toolboxes with acrylic paint, brushes, etc. out.
We also have a bookshop with games.

Outdoor facilities

The campsite has two playgrounds, bouncy cushion, an outdoor party tent, garden with seating area, the playhouse “Havhuset”, a hammock park, pentaque court. Go carts, bicycles and sup-boards for rent.
Future projects: a nature workshop, a crossfit course, a chili greenhouse and a farm with patches..