Art studio / activity room and NADA-café

Fusing glass workshop

Come and watch TV, play on the music keyboard or work on creative projects (you can borrow one of the easels, or book a workshop where we work with Bull’s Eye Glass after fusing glass-technique).
There is a guided creative workshop every wednesday from 15-17 o´clock during the high season.
You can hire paint toolboxes with acrylic paint, brushes, etc.
We also have a books and games.

NADA café
Monday and Friday afternoon here is the NADA café, where Thomas with a good mood and positive attitude puts five acupuncture needles in each ear. Then they should sit at least three blocks in a row. Thomas offers NADA tea while. It is an ancient technique that would balance body and mind. Most achieve an effect after 5-10 treatments.
Price: DKK 35 per treatment. Bonuscard 10 treatments for 300 kr.
Contact: NADA exercises Thomas tel: 25 34 97 98
Payment: Cash or mobilepay phone: 23 41 71 94 / Vibe of Life (write NADA)
See more info about NADA here: