About the campsite and us


The Sejero Bay – Odsherred’s best beach

Sanddobberne Camping is located by A225 (Kalundborgvej) between Slagelse and Nykøbing Sj. – just one hour’s drive from Copenhagen.
The location right next to the Sejero Bay makes it a favorite destination for kitesurfers. There is ample parking and free beach access and public toilets during the season.
    At Dragsholm Castle, directly opposite Sanddobberne, you can enjoy exquisite world-class meals, the historic architecture and the surrounding park. In addition, the campsite and the castle lies at the entrance to Odsherred Geopark, where you can see Vejrhøj, one of Zealand’s highest points.


The campsite, which is more than 50 years old, has a long tradition of several generations of season-customers. They favor the scenic area between dunes and protected farmland – situated right next to a child-friendly beach, returning year after year to enjoy the views over Nekselø and Sejerø.


A campsite with three camping-stars 

Odsherred Local Authority administers the 5.6 hectare campsite, which is owned by Denmark’s Natural Trust.
    The site is clean and well maintained, with high quality bathroom, toilet and kitchen facilities. The 280 individual camping pitches are of varying size, many of which have sea views. We encourage you to go to the site on arrival and choose a free space, but please pop by the Check-In first. There are pitches for caravans and tents, and we have six cabins and three lovely caravans for rent.



The new caretaker couple Ida Trier and Finn Kristiansen

On 1 January 2018, Finn Kristiansen took over the job as new camp manager. Finn, who is from Fårevejle, has worked in the construction industry as a construction manager for many years and is a qualified sewer master. He is a sports coach and is affiliated with Odsherred Running Club, and has completed several marathons.
His wife, Ida Trier, who is from the Trier family from Vallekilde, is Finn’s friendly assistant. Ida’s background is in the magazine industry and she has worked as an independent graphic artist with her own drawing studio, teaching people of all ages in creative subjects, including glass art.



Ida and Finn have shared the dream and the desire to run a campsite, and both have camped at home and abroad for many years, dragging along the four children and young people in the family; Mathias, Mads, Clara and Sofie. Liva the dog is also on the team.
“Our vision is to create a modern holiday paradise where we take the best of the past and unite it with the present.”